Saturday, 16 February 2019

Acting Strange is on the road again... Tales is being broadcast on  Indy Live Radio (Twitter handle) @liveIndyScot radio this Sunday (after a run on Ungagged!), 2pm,and periodically throughout the week, and new episodes weekly.  We are also working on a new series - for release in the summer.   

Acting Strange are back!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Keir Hardie, 1914

In 1914, Keir Hardie nailed his colours to the mast.  Red and for peace.  Listen to the statement that was to become the core of the few last speeches he made before his death a year later.

Re-enacted by Acting Strange's Neil Anderson

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tales of the Gareloch...

...a black comedy drama set in post independence Scotland, by the radioactive Gareloch...

After the referendum, after YES, the nukes are still there, the Tories are still there... 

Tales of the Gareloch tells of one man's mission to rid his village of both...

The Edinburgh Fringe on your phone! #edfringe 

Episode 1

Nukes, baked beans and UHT milk...

Episode 2

Babies, American Werewolf, Saltcoats and The Clash...

Episode 3

Friends of WMD, Louis 13th, Silver Linings and head banging.

Episode 4

Podcasts, money, gaffa-tape, hippies, Brando and UK Subs...

Episode 5 - finale

Hodder Superheroes, riots and cleaning up...

The podcasts can also be downloaded HERE

Tales of the Gareloch – Cast List

Callum – Jamie Boland
Donald – Robert Alexander
Daphne – Sandra Webster
Rebecca – Lindsay Webster
Eddie – Neil Scott
Jack – Neil Anderson
Caroline – Alex MacKenzie
PC Meikle – Lindsay Webster
The Commodore – Pauline Bradley
Frackelton – Sandra Webster
Angus – Lindsay Webster
Further – Andy Neeson
Maisie – Ashley Edgar
John – Curtis Randall
Blower – Vincent McGreed

Written by Neil Scott
Theme music:  Tut Vu Vu (click on their name to go to their Soundcloud and HERE for their Facebook page)
With Pauline Bradley's (Sound Inspirations) interpretations of The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Barry McGuire and UK Subs.

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Peace Camp 31st birthday...

Below is video of the celebrations at the Peace Camp at the end of June. As well as testament and drama, there was comedy and music. Ron Mackay's very powerful testament can be found HERE and Acting Strange's comedy "news" programme with Prick Knobinson can be found HERE

Maggi Sale, one of the original Peace Campers, share's her 70th birthday with the camp...

Pauline Bradley, singer songwriter, performs at Faslane Peace Camp